FSC Nano Residency Space

Kobbelvænget 72, 2700, Brønshøj, København

FSC Nano-Residency / Industrial Alchemist LAB


IS the place where the viruses are safe,
where they can flow restlessly and curiously around,
where untold tales can become real,
where nights are days,
where you are us,
where visual pleasures manifests,
where the virus is researched and flipped,
where time is the only limit,
where you are present for the given time,
where production becomes the porpose,
where we connect,
where you get lost,
where you go in and when it comes out,
where life is lives,
where you want to be,
where we want to have you,
where it all makes sense.

IS a process based experience where you are given total freedom to use and do what you want, but with lots of dogmas to play around and explore.

IS a production place where, within a limited time, you have to perform and DO.

IS where you can let go of the world and give yourself the time to DO so.

IS a sneaky peek into your way of working, for us, for you and for the others.

IS sharing.

IS Na-Res-IN-a-LAB


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