The Struggle Against Gas - Info, Update and Debate!

The Struggle Against Gas - Info, Update and Debate!

tor d. 23. sep 19:30 - 21:00

Folkets Hus 1.sal, Stengade 50, 2200, København N

Skrevet af Baltic Pipe Nej Tak!

Want to be updated on the struggle against fossil gas in Denmark?
Join us for an info meeting to hear about the ongoing struggles against fossil gas megaprojects both in Denmark and Europe.
We will also share information on the ongoing resistance to the Baltic pipe (currently under construction), and to the sugar pipe. We will hear from a variety of grassroots activists, and also give inspiration to how we can resist and shut these projects down. Bring your friends!
While the world burns and drowns, those in power keep pushing false solutions to the climate crisis, including an increase in fossil gas consumption.
In Denmark, this is manifesting in the build out of fossil gas transport infrastructure, namely the Baltic pipe, and the proposed so called ‘sugar pipe’. These massive infrastructure projects are tied to EU wide fossil gas projects under the banner ‘projects of strategic interest’.
But in whose interest and for whose strategy? While the construction of gas infrastructure is international, the resistance is as well...
Join us in Folkets Hus to learn more about the new climate frontier!

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