Zine launch Party

Zine launch Party

lør d. 18. sep 20:00 - søn d. 19. sep 02:00

BumZen, Baldersgade 20-22, 2200, København N.

Skrevet af DetBlødeRum

Price: Donation


Hey cute stuff!

You are hereby invited to join Det Bløde Rums zine launch party and celebrate consent, support and community love with us! We have missed you all so much!

We have made yet another zine and we are so proud that we want to celebrate it with you! There will be dance, fun, food, music and well… the Zine!

The entrance fee is donation based, though we recommend 25 kr.

The zine will also be available for purchase for a donation price. If you cannot afford it, don't worry, it will be on our website soon.

The money goes to running the support group, so we can exist without thinking about money issues.

The event consists of two main parts. You are welcome to join us for both or one of them. We recommend both of course!

From 5 PM we will host a little fun safe workshop based on our new zine, where we talk about how to create consensual intimate situations in and outside of the bedroom. Here you can learn how to communicate with someone who has experienced assault and learn new communication skills if you have had these experiences yourself. Don’t worry, this will not require that you tell other people about any experiences you have had.

From 7 PM you will be able to get some food in the bar in take-away containers for 25 KR for maximum Corona safety.

From 8 PM Emily from Reveal Party will bless our ears with her wonderful music.

From 9 PM DJs will make our bodies want to shake to their tunes.
21-22: DJ No Homo & the Homos
10-00: DJ Dark Side Crew
00-02: DJ Epoxy by Proxy


To keep our community safe, we ask that you come tested for Covid-19, preferably a PCR test as close to the event as possible. Remember it often takes at least 12 hours for the results to come in. Please get tested even if you are vaccinated already.


Access is unfortunately limited because there are 5 steps up to the bar and one extra step to the bathroom. There is no ramp and the hallways are not wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Smoking is limited to outside. We would like to keep the bar and dancefloor free of smoke to be inclusive of smoke-free comrades.

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