Fællesworkshop – Nordic Rebellion with Swedish paella

Fællesworkshop – Nordic Rebellion with Swedish paella

tor d. 22. jul 17:30 - 20:00

LERSØPARKEN, Bispebjerg Bakke , 2400, KØBENHAVN

Skrevet af XRDK

!! Change of location !!
Unfortunately we can’t use our office so our Fællesworkshop is going to happen in Lersøparken. It's the park right next to the office; between Tagensvej and Bispebjerg Hospital

Also: Please bring your own bowls and cutlery


As the Nordic Rebellion is drawing closer, we would like to invite you to join us for an informational Fællesworkshop about the Nordic Rebellion. A couple of very engaged Swedish rebels will come over from Malmö to answer all the questions you might have! We’ll tackle topics such as:

Why is the Nordic Rebellion relevant for XR Denmark?
How do we get to Oslo?
What about Corona?
What’s the legal situation?
And any other question you might have

This Fællesworkshop will also give you the unique opportunity to expand your activist network, to get to know different perspectives and approaches to our common climate struggle and to meet new people with the same goal to make our world a sustainable and fairer one.

Nordic Rebellion

The idea of the Nordic Rebellion is based on the fact that both climate change and the loss of biodiversity are caused by internationally operating corporations. Therefore, we believe that international activist networks like XR must engage the fight for a sustainable and fair world on a more cooperative and international level. With the Nordic Rebellion we want to revive the international, solidaric spirit that was sparked by the idea of the European Rebellion Week. In this spirit the Nordic Rebellion invites Danish, Swedish and Finnish Rebels to join Extinction Rebellion Norway in Oslo for an international action week. Because: When polluters and climate criminals in Norway come from all the Nordic countries, we might as well join our forces


P.S.: There will be vegan paella made by the Swedish Rebels 😉

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