Food Sovereignty - A concrete proposal

Food Sovereignty - A concrete proposal

ons d. 28. apr 19:30 - 21:00


Skrevet af Sebastien

Food sovereignty is a food system in which the people who produce, distribute, and consume food also control the mechanisms and policies for food production and distribution. This stands in contrast to the present corporate food regime, in which corporations and market institutions dominate the global food system. Food sovereignty emphasises local, culturally appropriate, and sustainable food availability.
Studies in Denmark suggest that 5 to 10% of the population might be "food insecure". This means they don't have access to an adequate quality or sufficient quantity of food in socially acceptable ways. Probably an even much larger number does not have the opportunity to purchase local, ethical or biological food due to objective or perceived limitations.
When one looks at the production of food, the situation is grim as well with the depletion of the soil, the concentration of land in fewer and fewer hands and the disappearance of small scale farmers replaced by an industrial agriculture organized for exportation.
The situation is the same across many European countries.
Taking lessons from the history of the social security, a large coalition of French organizations came up with a proposal to address both issues, to shape a real "right to food" that ensure that small and local producers will have a market with fair prices for their production, the whole organized democratically.
Join this webinar to learn more about this proposal and what it could mean in a Danish context.
AgriSTA is a group of agronomists in France, who work towards the transformation of the agricultural world from a food sovereignty perspective

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