The University at a time of Climate and Ecological Emergency

The University at a time of Climate and Ecological Emergency

tor d. 18. mar 12:00 - 14:00


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Workshop series: ‘The university at a time of climate and ecological emergency'

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From March to May, XR Scientists Denmark will host a workshop series consisting of three interactive workshops, primarily aimed at scientists, researchers and students. Our aim for these events is to give participants concrete tools to bring about change in our response to the climate and ecological emergency in the Danish university system. Ultimately to feed into a more general push for a national agenda that prioritizes ecological and climate justice.

Workshop 1 (March 18th) - Join us to create change
Workshop 2 (April) - Pushing for a sustainable department: a step-by-step
Workshop 3 (May) - Scientists as active citizens: public engagement in sustainability

First workshop - March 18th at 12 PM: “Join us to create change”
Duration: 2 hours

The first workshop will serve to inspire new ideas about what a truly sustainable university might look like, how academics and scientists can begin to organize to facilitate this, and how members of the university could help promote change at a greater societal scale.

Welcome and short introduction to XR Scientists Denmark
Where is the university on the green agenda right now? Overview of developments in Denmark
Climate and ecological justice policies - where could we be?
Case-studies of successful change
Break-out groups (second hour):
Creating local change: how to organize
Scientists as active citizens: pushing for systems change
Research funding policies

Speakers and moderators:
- Assoc. Prof. Laura Horn (Department of Social Sciences and Business, RUC)
- Prof. Jens Friis Lund (Department of Food and Resource Economics, KU)3
- Assoc. Prof. Fernando Racimo (Globe Institute, KU)
- Assoc. Prof. Stefan Jacobsen (Institut for Kommunikation og Humanistisk Videnskab, RUC)
- Assist. Prof. James Maguire (Department of Business IT, ITU)
- Mads Ejsing (Institut for Statskundskab, KU)
- Tiem van der Deure (Globe Institute, KU)
- Jörn Bethune (Institut for Klinisk Medicin, AU)

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Emergency on planet Earth document:

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