Det Bløde Rum - Wheel of Consent - Talk and dialogue

Det Bløde Rum - Wheel of Consent - Talk and dialogue

man d. 26. okt 18:00 - 20:30

BumZen, Baldersgade 20-22, 2200, København N.

Skrevet af DetBlødeRum

We are holding a special event this monday. A friend will come and talk with us about the Wheel of Consent. The Wheel of Consent is a framework that can be used to explore the ''YES'' in consent more deeply. Rather than the yes/no devision. It is a tool to explore pleasure and joy. It can be used as a tool to facilitate healing when having experienced sexual assault. We try out best to share many different tools so everyone can find the support they need for their healing, this is one of them.
We will start by learning together about what the Wheel of Consent is, there will be plently of time for questions and conversation. After there will also be a little exercise you can choose (not to) participate in if you like. As always, there will be breaks in between, they can be adjusted to people's needs.

We will provide handsanitizer and clean the space before and during the meeting. We will keep distance from each other during the meeting and take care of each other. If there is much interest for this meeting we might have to set a maximum amount of participants. If you have any specific concers please write us.

Det Bløde Rum is a free support group for people who have experienced sexual violence. The group was started by people who themselves had a need for a network and support, and has since been continued by other members of the group.
The support group is for anyone who has experienced sexual assault and has a need to talk about it or just wants to network with people who are in the same position. This group is for everyone regardless of personal background e.g. age, gender identity, ethnicity, ability and so on.
Det Bløde Rum takes place in a safer space, which you can read more about on our website.
For more information on the group, who we are, how it works, future meetings etc. have a look at our website.

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