The Last Copenhagen Underground Film Festival

The Last Copenhagen Underground Film Festival

man d. 2. nov 19:30 - 21:30

Huset-KBH, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466, København

Skrevet af CopenhagenUnderground

Huset Biograf and Copenhagen Underground present The Last Copenhagen Underground Film Festival - a benefit screening for kropotKINO. Don't miss out and come watch this year's best submissions from independent filmmakers from all around the world!

For the last four years, the Copenhagen Underground Film Festival has provided one of the most unique showcases of the world's best DIY/no-budget/microbudget films. This year will be no different. All proceeds collected at this event will be utilized toward kropotKINO, a two-floor recreational and cultural center for refugees opening in Athens in 2021. kropotKINO will serve as a microcinema, theatre and video game center with free screenings and events, and will be the next focus of the Copenhagen Underground project.

This benefit event will feature a mix of short fiction, documentary and experimental & music video films from this year's submissions. Over 1,600 films from 116 countries were submitted to us in March and are excited to present the best of the lot. Mixed into the batch will also be a handful of films from our film festival that we initiated at the height of the lockdown, "The Locked In Film Festival: A Festival In Quarantine".

19:00 = Café opens / CASH or MOBILE PAY only! / Open seating due to corona rules / Tickets are 70 kr. and can ONLY be pre-bought using the link above. NO RESERVATIONS VIA MAIL AND TICKETS CAN NOT BE BOUGHT AT THE CINEMA. NO WAITING LISTS.

20:00 = Screening starts


---- "Perhaps Today" - Short Fiction - Lebanon, 8:25, directed by Nadine Asmar // A Lebanese woman enters into a routine with the presence of a great absence. Awarded "Best Picture" at our Locked In Film Festival.

---- "Chrysalis" - Short Fiction - Argentina, 9:00, directed by Luz Escobar // A marvelously shot coming of age story of a teenage girl, free of dialogue. Awarded "Best Direction" at our Locked In Film Festival.

---- "Moth" - Experimental/Documentary - Hong Kong, 3:30, directed by Tiffany Tong // A hand-drawn animation depicting the struggle for freedom and human rights against oppression in Hong Kong.

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