Art and Collage as a way of expression

Art and Collage as a way of expression

Sun 25. Oct 17:00 - 19:00

BIOTEKET, Valhalsgade 4, Vinterhaven, 2100 , København

Posted by inarawen
Welcome to my colourful inner arty world
We are happy to announce that Bioteket is also hosting some arty works! The first will be a Collage workshop

- Introduction to Collage 5pm
- Getting to work with collage 5.30pm -6.45pm
- Feedback 6.45pm - 7pm

Bring your more precious magazins, textures or colors you would like to play with. We provide a canvas where you can collage on, scissors and glue

Please book in advance, due to Covid-19 regulation we can not host everybody. Therefore send an email to or if you are a member of Bioteket you can also book through the booking system

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