Food for the people, join the chaos cuisine crew for XR's september rebellion

Food for the people, join the chaos cuisine crew for XR's september rebellion

Wed 16. Sep 09:00 - Sun 20. Sep 21:00


Posted by astrid

We are so excited about Extinction Rebellion's September Rebellion in Copenhagen!

To make everything fun and possible there must be food, so there will of course be a dedicated food team preparing delicious meals for all the people at the blockades. We are still looking for food rebels to join the chaos cuisine crew, so if you are sitting out there behind your screen wondering about how you can contribute to the rebellion, then search no further - join the cooking!

We will prepare the food off-site and bring it to the rebels at the blockades, so this is a excellent way to join the rebellion for you who are maybe hesitant about joining the blockades yourself, and of course for you who love to cook, you and you who would just love to make the rebellion possible and support your comrades. All people are welcome in the chaos cuisine crew

We have made a plan for the number of people we will need on the individual days and times of day. If you sign up for a cooking shift, expect to be chopping and preparing ingredients, cooking, transporting, serving to the hungry rebels and cleaning - what ever is needed at the time. Each day there will be one or two coordinators that organise the tasks.

You can either sign up for whole-day shift from 11-21.00 or half-day shift from 14-19.00 on one or several of the rebellion days (16/9-20/9). Please sign up by writing an email to

If you can, please sign up for a whole-day shift, as this makes the planning easier and gives us all a smoother experience, with time to relax and slack in between. If you cannot offer your helping hands all day, but would still like to help, we would of course be very happy to have you for a half-day shift :)
If you are flexible with regards to the dates, please try to sign up on a day where we lack people and indicate that you are flexible.

We are looking forward to chopping and feasting with you!

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