Support night for Mika G @Makvärket

Support night for Mika G @Makvärket

lør d. 26. sep 17:00 - søn d. 27. sep 02:00

Makvärket, Knabstrup, Teglværksvej 30, 4420, Regstrup

Skrevet af quizbusters

Price: 100 kr minimum (higher donations welcome)

Support party for an activist and lovely person Mika who will be helped by our support to have the operation they really need.
Therefore we gather at our old factory and make a night to remember with the hope they can soon join us for a similar night in the future!
We have a freaking awesome line up for you!

Featuring Raymonde Ganoux , Teater Vølven, Zirkus and Sam Saylor.

Tickets Mobile pay - 21485830 (minimum 100 kr) write support party in text.
75 tickets available total. 100 people combined.

Dear friends and future friends! On the 26th of September, we invite you to Makvärket for a special reason.
A former activist and friend of the factory Mika has had a very difficult time the last few years due to a Craniocervical Instability and is in a position where they require lifesaving neurosurgery before the end of this year. The neurosurgery is only available in Barcelona and comes at quite an overwhelming financial cost.
(read a more detailed overview of their situation here -
Therefore we invite you to a special support event to offer our solidarity, love and support to Mika. The goal is that we together raise some of the money that Mika needs so they can receive the hospital care they need, at the same time the knowledge that both friends and strangers (future friends?) care can mean a lot in times of adversity.
We invite you to buy a ticket for a night of theatre, live music, DJs, and BINGO! There will be a deluxe high-class drinks bar, chill-out area, outside fire, and plenty of awesome entertainment. What's not to like?
Sleeping spaces are also available for an extra 30 DKK. (line up for the event can be found at bottom of page)
Tickets available here -
Either mobile pay and write support fest and your name to 21485830 (min 100 kr) or....
Sleeping space plus 30 kroner and write SS in mobile pay.
100 kroner minimum or more if you can afford it. Limited activist spaces available for those who cannot afford a ticket, write us asap if needed.
We haven't actually decided if we will have common food or not yet. Wanna be active and make the food? Get in touch.
Mika was a volunteer at Makvärket from 2014-2015 helping with (to name but a few things) constructing the sauna, making Makvärket's wonderful apple juice, clay for one of the wood stoves.... chopping never-ending amounts of wood to fuel another wood-stove, feeding the cats who prowl Makvärket's property. In fact, they also worked on the safety barriers and the masonry on the stairs in the circus hall where we are going to gather for the night!
Before Mika's health began to deteriorate they enjoyed stargazing, bat watching, paint by numbers, talking to moths, walking around enchanted forests, browsing zine fairs, swimming in lakes, and spending time with non-human creatures.
If (hopefully when!) Mika regains some of their health they hope to learn about medical herbalism, cook and bake for friends, feed the garden birds, be with their partner of six years, draw twelve-panel diary comics and make zines, be able to resume activist stuff and be of service to their local social centre and community.
17-18 Welcome and welcome drinks
18.00-19 BINGO MANIA!
It's bingo! What's not to like?
TEATER VØLVEN - Brev til min fisse
comic insight in the world of the vulva.
SAM SAYLOR - Undertones
Sam Saylor gives us a taster of material from his work in progress third album - undertones.
Raymonde Gaunoux plays melodic, nostalgic indie/folk tunes about queer and trans experience and the mysteries of this odd thing called life”
Zirkus is a 19-man swing/dance orchestra and arts collective reviving musical genres and performance types from a forgotten age
If you wish to donate but can't come to the gathering, please support Mika by visiting here
Or at the german fundraiser
All corona guidelines will be followed, event limit therefore now stands at 100 persons.