Gigs With Attitude #2 - Support your local ABC group

Gigs With Attitude #2 - Support your local ABC group

lør d. 22. feb 19:00 - søn d. 23. feb 04:00

BumZen, Baldersgade 20-22, 2200, København N.

Skrevet af Anonynm bruger

Price: 20 kr

► About
Gigs With Attitude is a concept for parties and concerts with emphasis on the political! We will support an anti-fascist cause with each show. There will be donation jars in the bar and the profits from the door and our delicious drinks bar will also be passed on to awesome anti-fascists.

► Supporting
This time we are supporting our local ABC group! ABC means Anarchist Black Cross and they are known for knowing the law and helping comrades out. They give information about your legal rights, bring coffee to people getting out of the detention and hosting letter writing events for comrades currently behind bars. Besides always having our backs on the street they fight for the release of political prisoners and the dismantling of the prison system. ABC Copenhagen also do a really important job in ensuring that our political comrades who are imprisoned have the right help, both practically, solidarity and financially. Therefore the money from this Gigs with attitude will go directly to the ABC group in Copenhagen so that they can help a comrade pay for legal support.

► Banko 19.00-21.00
We’ve collected prices all around town, so bring a friend and your best luck!

► Letter writing 19.00-21.00
Mailbox is open! ABC will bring postcards and envelopes, so you can write a letter to one of many comrades in prison. Show them that they’re not alone ♥

► Music 21.00-04.00
After playing banko, we open the dancefloor and there’s four DJs lined up to play the best party bangers.

- DJ Sertralin & DJ Concerta
- The Dark Side Chaos Crew
- Adidamerne

Suggested donation: 20kr. Let the people in the door know if you can't afford the entrance, we would rather have you show up than stay at home. Isolation is their weapon, solidarity is our strength.


► Accessibility
Bumzen is not accessible for people in wheel chairs (there’s 4 steps to the entrance). There’s going to be indoor smoking and loud music.

► Ground rules
No racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no transphobia, no hard drugs and no violence!

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