5 years of Folkets Haus - Birthday Party!

5 years of Folkets Haus - Birthday Party!

fre d. 14. feb 19:00 - lør d. 15. feb 04:00

Folkets Hus, Stengade 50, 2200, København N

Skrevet af tado

5 years of soli-parties, and Folkets Haus is still alive and kicking.

Time to celebrate with a massive birthday party - this time back in our beloved Folkets Hus and on more floors!

We have gathered talented and sweet friends that will make sure to keep you smiling and grooving all night long, either from behind the DJ booth or behind the bar.

Taking care of your ears and feet:

pikkumyy * all-time debut! * https://soundcloud.com/pikkumyy_fi/
SCHAARUP https://soundcloud.com/schaarup
Katz-K https://soundcloud.com/katzk
Deo de Dorantzen https://soundcloud.com/deodorantzen/karavane-detours-taenker-pa
Malle https://soundcloud.com/mallecph
Mikkel Ravn https://soundcloud.com/mikkelravn-fleyerecords

And Folkets Haus' very own:

ANNÆLIX https://soundcloud.com/annaelix
tadoh https://soundcloud.com/tadoh

Behind the bars (the good kind of bar)

Makvärket & Baltic Pipe NEJ TAK - taking care of your thirst and your money, that will support their projects.

As always with Folkets Haus, we start at 19:00 with a vegan community dinner. So join us from the very beginning and stay with us all night.

About Makvärket:

Makvärket is a cultural and environmental collective in progress: a growing, self-organised, voluntary community of people working practically and theoretically for the increasingly necessary cultural, social, environmental and economic transformation of society.
Since 2008, the Makvärket association has been engaged in developing 2,000m2 of the former Knabstrup Teglværk, an old ceramics factory in Knabstrup, 70km west of Copenhagen, into a centre for culture and ecology.

About Baltic Pipe NEJ TAK

Baltic Pipe is a proposed gas-pipeline to be build on Danish territory from 2020 to 2022. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the European fossilgas-supply, by establishing a connection between the Norwegian gas-fields and Poland.
We think it to be a terrible idea, as we need less fossil energy, not more.

Baltic Pipe NEJ TAK is a campaign platform for the broad movement against the development of fossil fuel infrastructure, and specifically against the Baltic pipe itself.
The platform aims at informing about Baltic Pipe, making the resistance against the development of more infrastructure for fossil-based energy grow, and strengthen the movement for a democratic and just green transition.

Folkets Haus er Folkets Cafés elektroniske lounge og fælles forfest, med dejlig elektronisk musik (Slow house, Deep House, Tech House, mm) og god stemning.

Til Folkets Haus er der plads til alle, der giver plads til alle. Her giver vi en fuck finger til racisme, sexisme, heterosexisme, transfobi og andre former for diskriminationer og fobier. Til gengæld giver vi smil og ? til alle, der giver smil og ? tilbage. Så kom og dans natten igennem, pas på hinanden, respekter andres grænser, ønsker og seksualitet.

Og så husk at vi er aktivister bag baren, og ikke ansatte. Så giv et smil og en high five, når du kan se vi har travlt ;)

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