Themed Talks on Stopknappen: Taxation

Themed Talks on Stopknappen: Taxation

Mon 20. Jan 19:30 - 22:00, Æbeløgade 4 (inner yard!), 2100, København Ø

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Stopknappen is a new framework for society. It defines a new democratic state, where stress and financial pressure has been replaced with freedom of choice – and time to act on it. The framework has been designed to enable us to take a big (but not too big) leap forward in societal evolution and enable us to respond properly to the current threats to our known existence (climate change, pollution, inequality, refugees, armed conflicts, corruption, automation, etc). The framework recognizes the potential of the individual as well as the collective from which we thrive. It takes a holistic approach to rearrange our current society and unfold it’s full potential.

The purpose of the themed talks is to find and develop potentially missing pieces and, not least, to establish a credible documentation base for each of the Stopknappen framework topics. While the talks are focused on Stopknappen, Startknappen aspects will naturally be covered, in what we hope to be very nuanced and multi perspective, lightly guided talk.

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