Queer Sauna - Sold out // Udsolgt

Queer Sauna - Sold out // Udsolgt

søn d. 19. jan 15:00 - 18:00

Sjællandsgade Bad, Sjællandsgade 12a, 2200, kbh.N.

Skrevet af Katrine

Price: 60-120 kr - Pay what you can

Queer Sauna - New Year, New Queer Sauna!

There will not be a program this evening, but we will do our best to facilitate a relaxing space in which we can dream together about the future of Queer Sauna.

- - -

Three hours filled with coziness, body positivity, and relaxed togetherness as you enjoy sauna, shower, and bath tubs. Queer Sauna is primarily for queer people and other people who do not feel comfortable or safe in 'regular' gender divided spaces, such as public pools. Come alone, with friends, your children, or partner(s). You can decide for yourself how dressed - or undressed you'd like to be. Feel free to bring your own dinner and/or snacks.

This evening will feature sauna, showers, bath tubs, free tea and snacks. Additionally, there will be a do-it-yourself hair salon, where people can cut each other's hair - we will provide buzzers and scissors.


Queer Sauna Cph is vegan, alcohol free, and volunteer driven. No photographing allowed. All proceeds from the door go to covering Sjællandsgade Bath's operating costs. Sjællandsgade Bath has stairs in the entry and isn't wheelchair accessible.

Suggestion: 60 to 120 kroner - pay what you can, it's ok to pay nothing, no one will be turned away due to lack of money.

1. Online via the ticket link: https://place2book.com/da/choose_ticket_sales_workflow?seccode=e8chmwjya9&fbclid=IwAR3tze0XRGkXscyWcPQ13CtGLRD2dKUbwkav5Z0X_9xhBUzdsck9LIGvnIc
No need to print the ticket.
2. If you can't buy online / can't afford to pay, send us a facebook message in order to reserve tickets.
3. Excess tickets are sold at the door - come early to ensure your ticket!
We let max 45 people in, in total, to avoid it becoming crowded.

Between 15:00 and 16:30 - ie you must arrive before at 16:30, even if you have purchased or reserved a ticket in advance. Send us a message in advance if you know that you are coming later than at 16:30.

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