EmoNiteCPH: Folkekøkken, Film, and Music!

EmoNiteCPH: Folkekøkken, Film, and Music!

tor d. 23. jan 18:30 - fre d. 24. jan 00:00

Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61, 2400, København NV.

Skrevet af MikeU

We are really unsure what to put in the description that the title does not already elude to. If somehow pay-what-you can vegan food which is made with love, a film screening (of Donnie Darko), and 4 DJs playing music that stretches across the vast universes of emo, screamo, and alternative music across the last decades, all for two great causes is not enough... Then we collectively have no idea what to tell you. Especially if the food which will be served on the night is going to be what we think it will be.

An absolutely fantastic evening is planned at Ungdomshuset on Thursday, 23 January-- almost exactly one month before the kick off of See you next summer fest - scandinavian sadness 2020, which will also take place in these very same halls on 21 & 22 February.

All of the funds collected at the dinner will go to Ungdomshuset's People's Kitchen team. All other donations from the night will go to help fund See You Next Summer Festival and to Copenhagen Underground's new initiative "Projectors Without Borders", which aims to provide projectors, speakers, and gaming consoles to different refugee camps around the world in an effort to provide fun, safe, cinematic spaces where youth and adults can engage in media.

The night will begin with world class food that you have come to expect from 61's weekly People's Kitchen serving food which will be announced at a date coming to you soon.

Afterwards, come finish your feast while enjoying Jake Gyllenhall in Richard Kelly's classic film, "Donnie Darko"

We will end the night with opening the bar in the Death Machine with some of the cheapest drinks in town where some of the festival crew will also moonlight as DJs. Come jam with us at the night's end where they will take you on an adventure through their own respective world of emo and the worlds around it which has influenced it (and vice versa).

Along with Ungdomshuset and Copenhagen Underground, this exciting evening will be co-hosted by Dasein Records, Sad Songs Bookings, Copenhagen Straight Edge, and Øresund Hardcore.



18:30 - Doors
19:00 - People's Kitchen
19:30 - "Donnie Darko" (Kelly, 2001)
21:15 - Emo Nite & Bar
00:00 or later - Buenas Noches, Comrades



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