Chile's uprising

Chile's uprising

tir d. 3. dec 19:00 - 22:00

Folkets Hus, Stengade 50, 2200, København N

Skrevet af CrisisMirror

Chile is experiencing a historical uprising in the midst of a global revolutionary wave.

Decades of free market fundamentalism, since the US-backed Pinochet regime in Chile started implementing his neoliberal measures, have created staggering inequality in the Latin American country. This is the root cause of the ongoing resurection, ignited by a public transport fare rise. The uprising was met with brute force by the state. However, students, workers, indigenous, or just indignados continue to flood the streets on an inspiring struggle.

A comrade from Chile will be with us to give us the recent updates and reflect on this historical moment . What is the structure of the movement? How decisions are taken? How can this battle be won?