Queer Film Klub # 10: Aggressive Lesbians

Queer Film Klub # 10: Aggressive Lesbians

søn d. 24. nov 19:00 - 22:00

Café Mellemrummet, Ravnsborggade 11, 2200, København N

Skrevet af Queer Film Klub

Tonight: Real live butches come and sit next to you! Can you take it?! Are you strong enough?!

First movie is a documentary. Second movie is a horror film.

19.00: THE AGGRESSIVES (2005)
An insightful exposé on the subculture of lesbian butches and their "femme" counterparts who tow the line between gender definitions. Filmed over five years in NYC, the featured and self-identified "Aggressives" share their dreams, secrets and deepest fears.

Running time: 70 minutes. English speech. No subtitles.

20.30: HIGH TENSION (2003)
Best friends Marie and Alexia decide to spend a quiet weekend at Alexia's parents' secluded farmhouse. But on the night of their arrival, the girls' idyllic getaway turns into an endless night of horror. Beautiful horror moments. Bring someone to hold your hand.

Running time: 90 minutes. French speech. English subtitles.

As always:
- Movies start on time.
- Smoke-free.
- Not barrier-free (a few stairs). Sorry.
- Free entry.
- Everybody welcome (no kids).

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