X-Static dance

X-Static dance

lør d. 25. jan 15:15 - 17:15

Folkets Hus - Sportsrummet, Stengade 50, 2200, København

Skrevet af Voodooviking

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Spread your wings and feel free to escape in the dance.

X'static dance is a way to reach ecstasy by dancing. This dance-
journey leads you up under the rooftop at Folkets hus.

( Sportsrummet 3 floor, Folkets hus, Stengade 50. 2200 KBH N ).

X is for the unknown synonym. Something undefined. Static is movement like in the dance and music. Everything has a vibration. Vibrations make things move. Sound is a vibration. Sound makes the body move. Dance & music is a form of communication when you dance with a other beings.
No words can explain. What you will gain.

Move freely with out rules and boundaries to the musics resonance. Come and dance in the enlighten atmosphere away from the city's smog and busy streets. Surrounded by natural daylight through the windows upon the view of the city's rooftops you can feel uplifted. In this room there is space for sharing our secrets in the movement of the dance while the body is in transformation of the purifying tones which make us breath and relax after the week. The journey of the dance takes us home to where we feel comfortable with each other or where you want to be alone with any others.

The bliss full sound from the DJ (Tempelpusher) will variate from Indigenous cultures worldwide fusionated with different electronic music genres. The environment can differ from Spiritual meditative to trancendental and tribal tones.

The music which will be played is in the best attempt to transfer the vibration of the musical powers to raise your inner rhythm. The celestial tunes are special selected for sweating your prayers out.

Find your way to the floor and you need no more.

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