Det Bløde Rum - Group Conversation

Det Bløde Rum - Group Conversation

man d. 17. jun 18:00 - 20:30

BumZen, Baldersgade 20-22, 2200, København N.

Skrevet af DetBlødeRum

Det Bløde Rum is a free support group for people who have experienced sexual violence. The group was started by people who themselves had a need for a network and support, and has since been continued by other members of the group. Copenhagen has long needed a free support group that is open to queer and non-queer people, open to all ages and open to people from all ethnic backgrounds.
We are not psychologists and our the group should therefore not be seen as a substitute for sessions with a psychologist or therapy. What we can offer is a safe environment where you can talk about your experiences and thoughts and be listened to.
Due to the safety of participants the group we will not make any statements regarding specific issues. However, we position ourselves on the radical left.
You are welcome to join just one event or all of them.
You are welcome to bring close friends or confidant.
Children younger than teenagers have to be accompanied by an adult.
The event will be in Danish or English whichever makes most sense with the participants.
All our events are free.
Find all info about Det Bløde Rum here:
This time:
On monday at 6 o'clock we are having group conversation.
There will be drinks, snacks and food.
Hope to see you!

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