SilentRave 2019

SilentRave 2019

Sat 25. May 16:00 - Sun 26. May 01:00

Blågårds Plads, Blågårdsgade, 2200, København N

Posted by Vandmand Ink

Hope you ready for an epic afterparty celebrating the winners of the epic Smørrebrøl 2019 - The world's best cargo bike RACE!

25th of May SATURDAY // Nørrebro // Blågårds Plads

16:00-20:00 SQUARE SUN FUN with music and activities

Stay tuned for more details about the program and the line-up !

60DKK (cash, mobile pay)

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BRØL with its favourite brew - Pale Ale, made with fresh surplus bread and punchy citrus hops, but also launching another deliciousnesses in a form of IPA and non-alcholic drinks.

Silent Disco? HUH?? WHAT?!

Hard to explain THAT feeling. You simply have to try it. That being said there is, of course, some practical pro's:

1. You don't like the current track? Just switch over to another channel... and show your best dance move so that you're friends switch over, too
2. You're not a big fan of tinnitus next morning? Then just turn down the volume... or blast it up all the way to feel like in the first row
3. You like to talk with the cute stranger you just met on the dance floor? No reason to scream... just take off the headphones
4. You like street parties? Let's make one... the neighbours won't complain this time

Check them out - Silent Events DK ♥

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