visAvis brainstorm meeting

visAvis brainstorm meeting

tor d. 16. maj 17:00 - 19:00

Trampoline House, Thoravej 7, 2400, København NV

Skrevet af visAvis

visAvis invites you to join us for our Spring brainstorm meeting. We plan to discuss the following key questions:

1. How can we ensure our activities happen in concert with other related initiatives currently happening in Denmark?

2. How can we ensure our activities meaningfully and effectively alleviate the actual marginalization and suffering of people seeking asylum or living as refugees in Denmark?

All are welcome to join visAvis committee or contribute material for the magazine anytime, but this meeting is purely a brainstorm. Just show up, participate and enjoy coffee and snacks!

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

About visAvis

visAvis is a magazine on asylum and migration, the movement of people across borders and the challenges connected to this. We work to improve the debate on asylum and migration, among other things by publishing texts that people seeking asylum want to share. visAvis is an activist project where people with and without citizenship in Denmark meet to create an alternative public space and debate. visAvis is also a web magazine.

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