Queer Film Klub # 7: Killing Gays - Part 1

Queer Film Klub # 7: Killing Gays - Part 1

søn d. 28. apr 19:00 - 23:00

Café Mellemrummet, Ravnsborggade 11, 2200, København N

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Gays have a long tradition of killing each other. Gay serial killers. Gay murder victims. Gay psychopaths. Listen to the true crime podcast "Uncover: The Village" about a gay serial killer targeting gay men in Toronto, Canada. It's here: www.cbc.ca/radio/uncover

Or come to the Queer Film Klub theme night and get scared!

With short introduction to the films and the theme.

19.00: CRUISING (1980)
Al Pacino plays an undercover cop in this queer thriller. Filmed in actual gay leather/BDSM night clubs of the late 1970's and based on a true story. There is a serial killer on the loose in the gay underground and Al Pacino has to go deep, deep into hardcore gay sex cruising culture to find out who the killer is.

A super controversial film when it came out. Today it's a cult classic. Sexy, scary, psychological, political.

Running time: 102 minutes. English speech. No subtitles.

21.00: ROPE (1948)
Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope" is based on the infamous gay murder couple Leopold and Loeb who murdered a boy from their street for fun in 1924. The film was banned in many countries because it was too gay. The filming and editing is experimental and the entire film is set inside an apartment like a theater play.

Two guys kill a friend and hide him in a box in their apartment. Other friends come over and they host a dinner party using the box as a table. Will anyone find out?

A Hitchcock classic! A real pearl of a film!

Running time: 80 minutes. English speech. No subtitles.

As always:
- Movies start on time.
- Smoke-free.
- Not barrier-free (a few stairs). Sorry.
- Free entry.
- Everybody welcome (no kids).

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