TH Cinema Club: "Persepolis"

TH Cinema Club: "Persepolis"

tir d. 19. mar 18:30 - 20:30

Trampoline House, Thoravej 7, 2400, København NV

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"War. Revolution. Family. Punk Rock. It's all a part of growing up."

Marjane is a curious and outspoken young Iranian girl who was nine years old during the Islamic Revolution when fundamentalists first took power--forcing the veil on women and imprisoning thousands. She cleverly outsmarts the "social guardians" and discovers punk, ABBA and Iron Maiden, while living with the terror of government persecution and the Iran/Iraq war. As she becomes a teenager, her more liberal leaning family fear for her life and send her to school in Austria where her life continues with one foot in Iran and the other in Europe as she comes of age.

Come to Trampoline House at 18:30 for a brilliant and moving animated film! And stay afterwards as we will take a vote for what we will be screening next Tuesday (:

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Director: Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud


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