May 1st party

May 1st party

ons d. 1. maj 16:00 - 23:45

Folkets Hus, Stengade 50, 2200, København N

Skrevet af fanonianresistance

babe-comradezzzz, your femmelords are calling for solidarity at this special occasion - may 1st!

💄 💋 👄 👠💃🏿🌹 🥀💥 🔥🍷🥊 ⚔️🧨❤️💄 💋 👄 👠💃🏿🌹

it's been a long time since the legendary nørrebro pride afterparty and we feel like it’s time to gather our communities and show our presence with a huge red-themed party in the name of revolution!

may 1st is workers' day. it's celebrated globally as a day to uplift the resistance and power of the working class.

this party centers the working class and the QTBIPOC community (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour). we want to acknowledge the work of the colonized womxn and femmes who came before us and the folx who are fighting now. this party is to honor the resistance and solidarity with the global south against colonialism and capitalism.

we think it’s needed more than ever to unite and fight together. in the name of revolution, bibimbatty invites all our communities, allies and potential honeyyz to mark this day with a party against global fascism.

roses are red
revolution is red
the fight against capitalism is red
the bourgeoisie is soon to be dead

theme of the night: wear red, red as the love we share for our communities! look cute af, stunning or drop-dead-gorgeous, muchachas! u better work it, gurl

16-19 yummy community kitchen/folkekøkken - vegan and donation based
18-00 our djs turn up the party

free entrance and cheap bar
all profits generated at the event will be donated - it will announced when the organisation is confirmed
we ask of you to be financially honest and contribute to the realisation of the event by either offering to volunteer or donate.

💄 💋 👄 👠💃🏿🌹 🥀💥 🔥🍷🥊 ⚔️🧨❤️💄 💋 👄 👠💃🏿🌹

this is BIPOC-centered space but not a separatistic event. we want all our cute allies to come party with us this day.

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