Fri 8. Mar 16:00 - 20:00

Trampoline House, Thoravej 7, 2400, København NV

Posted by Trampoline House

Welcome to Internal Women's Day in Trampoline House. The event is organized by intersectional feminist Mica Oh in collaboration with women from Trampoline House.

(will be in Danish with simultaneous interpretation to Farsi, Arabic, English)

4 pm
Shakira, living in deportation center Sjælsmark, opens the International Women's Day in Trampoline. House.
Tone, program director in Trampoline House, tells about Trampoline House's Women's Club.

4:15 pm
Practical information.

4:30 pm
Welcome to Women's class.
Women's class er the safe space of the women in Trampoline House. A space where we talk about everything from child raising, everyday problems, sex education, and intersectional feminism. Where we also talk about racism, equality and women's rights.

Today we will talk with you who come for the event. You can ask us questions and hear why the women users of Trampoline House feel that they need Women's class.

In the panel are:
Eden, Trampoline House user, who attends Women's class.
Shakira, Trampoline House user, who attends Women's class.
Sara, Children's Club coordinator in Trampoline House.
Valentina, educational intern in Trampoline House.
Mica, visiting teacher in Women's class.

6:00 pm
We will barbecue in the courtyard. (Pray for sunshine ❤)
The food is free but we encourage guests to donate 30 kr.
Cheap soda and water (no alcohol).

7:00 pm
Artist name to follow ❤

7:40 pm
Tone says goodbye and thank you and explains a bit about the 'borgerforslag' for rejected asylum-seeking children she has produced on behalf of Folkebevægelsen for asylbørns fremtid.

With the passing of bill L140 ("The paradigm shit in Danish immigration policies") on March 1, 2019, especially refugee women with children will get an even harder time. Women who have fled war, who have fled from being exploited as a sex slave during wartime, or who have fled after her house was bombed. Women who don't have the same rights as other women in Denmark. Women whose rights in Denmark are equal to zero. Women who live in our country.

All women are entitled to a life in security!
The struggle for women in Denmark is not the same as it was a few years ago.
Denmark is today multicultural, multiethnic. Meaning the struggle is no longer only for Danish indigenous women. The fight is also for the women who have come to our country.

We hope many will attend the event, which will focus on women who do not have the same opportunities as you and me because we are Danish citizens.
Women who don't have the same rights even though we live "under the same roof'' and live in the same country.

The focus of the event is intersectional (global) feminism and the most important is:

1. That women who have fled war and are users of Trampoline House are heard. That we learn how their reality is experienced and what they are going through in their everyday lives.

2. That we as feminists work for all women, and not just some women. That those who live with the most privileges, support and fight with those who have fewer privileges in everyday life.

3. That feminism today is not only feminism for indigenous Danes. The fact is that Denmark today is multicultural, multiethnic. And it therefore makes sense that we fight for equal rights for all women in Denmark. No matter if you are a refugee, asylum-seeking, or quota refugee woman – or if you come from a non-Western country.

We promise you will go home with new knowledge and hopefully greater understanding. ❤

!!! Max. room for 100 people.

We will do our best to invite as many women from Sjælsmark to the event. It's their day. Their struggle. And their voices. It is the women who are hunted by the asylum system, by L140 who we want to sit on the first row ❤

All events in Trampoline House are for free, and everyone is welcome. However, we’d really appreciate it if you’d help us get an idea of how many people to expect by filling out this form:

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