From the blockchain to the Robin Hood Coop

From the blockchain to the Robin Hood Coop

tir d. 13. nov 17:00 - 19:00

YNKB, Baldersgade 70,, 2200, København N

Skrevet af Anonynm bruger

Presentation by Money Machine on recent developments in money and finance and how we might find unexpected and new weapons there against the money economy itself. Baldersgade 70, YNKB, 17-19 with discussion and feedback.

If you were to say what money is today, you would have to admit we live in relatively strange times. So many things are happening at the same time: only a decade has passed since the beginning of one of history’s largest economic crises, which only seem to have moved around since then from the Eurozone crisis; it’s now almost common knowledge that banks basically invent money out of thin air (and they do it every time they give a loan); at the same time, we see unprecedented global economic inequality, attempts to invent new forms of compensation, the rapid disappearance of cash and the concurrent emergence of surveillance-prone mediums that enforces personal identification with every moment of payment (from MobilePay and Rejsekort to the Chinese social credit system).
At the same time, we see new cracks in society, especially the recent developments in cryptography with the emergence of so called ’cryptocurrencies’. These things have given rise to hope of increased economic autonomy.

However, technological developments like these are never ethically clear-cut: We can find ways of navigating and fighting even in the most dystopian nightmare systems. We can find the seeds of control in even the most glorious utopian systems. With that in mind, we might want to keep up with developments in finance and computer science to look for the details, the escape routes, tools, weapons and pressure points where our own force can be leveraged.

How might we engage with the money economy in the time to come? How will these and other recent developments in money be used as means of control? And how might we use money as fuel, sometimes literally, for liberatory purposes? These and other concerns are some of the guiding questions in a recent work by Money Machine based on studies of money in philosophy.

In this session we could explore some of the themes at the edge of this work. Among them are: The current war on cash (in Danish called ’kontantløs økonomi’), financial control, the Chinese social status scoring system called Sesame Credit, the mysterious term which is thrown around much these days ’blockchain’, the weird world of derivatives, cryptocurrencies like Faircoin, the cooperative hedge fund Robin Hood Coop and the Economic Space Agency. Basically, we’ll be introduced to many strange phenomena of our times, that most of us only have peripheral contact with, but that might be the water we swim in already. We might not have time to go into depth with all of these, so realistically it will be a selection only.

Money Machine is a trickster partly lodged within the lion’s cave called Copenhagen Business School in the shape of a master’s student called Magnus.