Ocean of Possibilities

Ocean of Possibilities

Sat 24. Nov 15:15 - Sun 25. Nov 02:15

Støberiet, Blågårdsplads , Blågårdsplads 5

Posted by Vandmand Ink

Blubb blubb...
Sea creature! Vandmand Ink is happy to invite you to our party Ocean of Possibilities. Immerse yourself into the magical world of the Ocean of Possibilities and swim against the current! Let the shining light of the full moon guide you.

This is not gonna be your usual party where you come as a customer, consume the party and leave. To us, you are more than a customer, you are a creator! Without you, there’s no party.

Just like the movements of a fish affect the whole swarm you affect and are affected by everyone else around you.
You, together with everyone else, create the heart and soul of the party. We think that this is beautiful and see this as a critical and neglected element of today’s night culture.
We will create a beautiful, underwater environment that gives you space to explore, to engage and to retract according to your needs.


♥ Zuzanna Seweryna Dolega
♥ Julia Sokulska

♥ dj merlin
♥ dj HC
♥ tbc

♥ Blue Channel
♥ Red Channel
♥ Green Channel
♥ tbc

♥ Coral Room
♥ Underwater visuals by Nicolaj
♥ Bubble Bar

♥ Profits from the event are allocated for kids entrepreneurs in Nørrebro. After the party at least one kid in the neighborhood will have our support to realize their project/idea.
♥ Cash and Mobile Pay.

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