Christmas Blood V Muay thai / K1

Christmas Blood V Muay thai / K1

lør d. 15. dec 17:00 - søn d. 16. dec 02:00

Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61, 2400, København NV.

Skrevet af Ungdomshuset

After four years of doing Muay Thai tournaments together with Ungdomshuset, we are now ready to continue the tradition of bringing different people together through Muay Thai, art and music.

This year we present our fifth outstanding show opportunity for your fighters and new starz to be a part of.

Our intention is to create an event where different gyms come together to fight racism. Doing so by creating a space open for everyone, no matter where people come from. We expect everyone who participates to help create this space.

Gyms from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, England, Russia, Morocco and greece, who have the same intention to prevent racism, are invited. Rules will be according to IFMA muay thai rules. As a special feature there will be DJ’s during the show and a party in the house after the show.

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