CANCELLED// Secret blocks to success – and strange ways to remove them

CANCELLED// Secret blocks to success – and strange ways to remove them

Thu 29. Nov 19:00 - 21:00, Æbeløgade 4 (inner yard!), 2100, København Ø

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Price: 70 kr / free for members

Unfortunately this event had to be cancelled due to not enough tickets sales. Sorry for any inconvenience, your tickets will be refunded shortly

Are you suffering from stress? Are you curious to find out how specific stressors, traumas, conflict experiences, feelings and beliefs impact us and our daily lives? And what if it was easy to heal naturally?

META-Health® is not just another ‘alternative healing approach’, but a powerful tool applied by mainstream doctors as well as holistic healers all over the world. It is an amazing analysis tool for getting to the original UDIN’S (unexpected, dramatic, isolating, no strategy situations), that are in our energy field, thus holding illness, emotional, physical and psychological health issues.

We are proud to announce that Lars Mygind will come to our Center to give an exiting and engaging lecture about tapping, META-Health® and UDIN’s. You will find out how stress is important and what the main reason is that you cannot leg go of it; why it can be great to be sick, and how you can understand physical symptoms from a new perspective.

Lars will answer questions and demonstrate his approach on those participants who are willing to volunteer.

About the speaker
Lars Mygind is a sharp and entertaining promoter of META-Health(R) and EFT/TFT (Thought Field Therapy) through lectures and teaching, and he helped many people with a wide variety of backgrounds through more than 20 years of therapy and teaching.

He is co-author of the books "Thought Field Therapy & EFT", "Your Intelligent Body" and "Thought Field Therapy - Solutions at your fingertips”, ”Understand the body intelligence” and host on several DVDs on the topics of Thought Field Therapy and META-Health.

Lars has been teaching around the world with his main focus in Denmark, he lives in Northern Jutland with his wife and has a center in Hellerup.

You can read more about Lars here:

Registration & Details
Price: 70,-DKK, free for members.

Please note: we reserve the right to cancel the event, in case we did not sell a reasonable amount of tickets until a week before the date. So we strongly recommend to get your ticket right away if you would like to hear Lars speak :)

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