tir d. 14. aug 16:00 - man d. 20. aug 19:00

Den Grå Hal, Refshalevej 2, 1407 , kbh k

Skrevet af Nowtopia

NOWTOPIA is a gathering of ideas, actions, performance, and alliances for making change. It is the story of the amazing things happening here and now, about keys to new economies and global visions, about all those who think and create sustainable futures now. It is a 7 day long experiment where art plays together with reality, new choreography and music meets academics, storytellers and revolutionaries....

Workshops/Experiments/Labs include: Spaces like Action (constructing other worlds), The power of Art in transition, Nowtopian Authentic Relating, Imagining the Sustainable Future, Small scale DIY Biogas experimenting, Alternative Economics against Capitalism, Manifesting power, Speed Dating Alternatives, Defending our alternative spaces- lessons from Christiania and beyond, Changing through bodywork, Taking Dirty Better, Acting and Play for Climate Justice, Collective Living, Campaign Organizing, Building rocket stoves, Degrowth and Nowtopian Dreams, Direct Action, Coping and Recovering from Activist Trauma and Police Violence, Workers Collectives- democratising workplaces,

Events/Performances/Keynotes include:
Contact Improvisation Jam to change the world, Paper Bag (Norway), Utopian Ambasador in Exile, Robert Hall President of Ecolees Umbrella Organization for Global Ecovillage Network and Permaculture Movement and allied movements, Anthology of a Frog Kisser, Fate of the World Jelly Wrestling (Big Oil vs Polar Bears...), Global Degrowth Activist Meeting, When to Collide into One, Voice Color Space, Questioning the Mermaid (Spain), Climagination Visions Space, Rebel Dancer (Berlin), Ko#Tyre-Plastic-Skralde-Fashion-Cabaret, Gaming for the Revolution, DJ Grundstoff, The Intuitive Body Painting Experiment , Al Lindrum, Andy Benz, Camilla Nielsen-Englyst President Ecovillages in Denmark, Alex Zampini (Italy), VJ ANnika (Germany), The revolution of Tender_NESS (Poland), Urdyb, Chris Carlsson Author of "Nowtopia", The Time Machine, The Opening of the Christiania Archive Exhibit and a Peoples Kitchen every night.

We are calling out for Activists to help make food, set up stages, assist with technicals like sound and lighting and do buildup. It is also still possible to propose a workshop/performance or event- so feel invited!

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