STRIKE BACK - Defend the Right to Strike

STRIKE BACK - Defend the Right to Strike

Sat 25. Aug 00:00 - 23:30


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STRIKE BACK is a mass action with the purpose of defending worker's rights in Sweden. Recently the heads of the swedish trade union confederacy made a deal with the employer's confederacy severely limiting the right to strike. While it hasn't been turned into law yet, any plausible government alternative after the election this september are likely to pass it.

We want to stop this from happening by manifesting the strength of the working class in a huge mass action on august 25th in Stockholm. We hope it will have the effect of pushing the issue to the top of the agenda ahead of the election, as well as showing the potential of mass working class struggle outside of whatever legal frameworks are imposed upon us.

We see this development as part of a larger pattern of impeding working class struggle across Europe, as seen in the development in countries such as France or Poland in the last years. Because of this, we hope our comrades in Denmark will see the international nature of this threat and join us in solidarity this august.

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STRIKE BACK! - Defend the Right to Strike

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