Dub Across Borders meet's Rockers Ites In Live dub

lør d. 21. apr 22:00 - søn d. 22. apr 05:00

BolsjeFabrikken, Ragnhildgade 1 bygning 3, 2100, København N.

Skrevet af Bolsjefabrikken

Blessed Love all Ites & Ises.
Time to gather round the BolsjeSoundsystem to chant sing an meditate for another chapter of Militant Steppas & Roots Rockers meditation in Bolsjefabrikken (CandyDubFactory). this time in a live-dub meeting with: Dub Across Borders & the Rockers ITes

Dub across Borders // Live-Dub
the experence of traveling the world inna dubwise meditation.
a World wide Dub project with dubbed out world elements & sounds from the SouthAmerica, Africa and more.
this DubChemist & Prophet bring forwards his lab to share his meditational works.

The Rockers Ites // Live-Dub
Recordings From Rockers Studio at BolsjeFabrikken
various positive militant vibrations and sounds inspired from Root's with a ancient jazzy and timeless Digital Twist. Meditation experience and the first sounds of the Rockers ites & Canaan I Heartical recordings

Resident Rastas on the ControlTower & Mic

Jah Moby & Canaan I.

Give thanks for the gatering Ites & Ises and to all singers and players of instruments all in it sharing I&I Heartically and strengthing energies 1 Love 1 Unity

Bolsjefabrikken (Candyfactory) Ragnhildgade 1
No Hard drugs Only Cash Bar & Donation Door.
Consciousness, Humbelness, Strengh, I tection, Guidance
Love & Unity

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