Concrete Jungle Cph

Concrete Jungle Cph

fre d. 13. apr 22:00 - lør d. 14. apr 05:00

BolsjeFabrikken, Ragnhildgade 1 bygning 3, 2100, København N.

Skrevet af Bolsjefabrikken

Concrete Jungle is back at Bolsjefabrikken. We have been working really hard on this event and we are super excited to deliver quality music once again. This time we are stronger than ever.

We proudly present :
🌀Sully (UK)
🌀Force 10 (UK)
🌀Dj YKE (NL)
🌀Dj Reteq (NL)
🌀MC Dark Matter aka Vibranium Man

With local support:
🌀Fap The Producer

🚀Visuals: Hackstage

☕ CAFÉ ☕
🌀Tung Torsdag & Friends: Selecta Kanan & Jah Moby

Sully: (Keysound Recordings/Rupture) is the low key bass producer from the UK who has become a folk hero on the electronic music scene.
His cult following stems partly from his position as a genre innovator. Nearly half a decade before UK Garage had its major revival, and the new Future Garage sound emerged, Sully had been striking a balance between Breakstep’s drums, Dubstep’s edginess, and 2-Step’s swing, and Jungle’s abrasive spirit. In other words, he anticipated Future Garage’s arrival in his own unique way.
Sully’s heart-breaking melodies have touched thousands of clubbers worldwide. His 'Phonebox’ and 'Jackman’s Rec’ EPs are equal parts touching melody and hard-hitting sub bass, creating a potent mix that helped build his mystique. Sully is also known for his LP release Escape.

Force 10: Producer and scratch DJ representing sounds from the UK in a Manchester fashion ruff and rugged selection mixed and blitzed on vinyl.
Representing ADM squat running events under the name Jungle Tropics collaborations with bass heavy sound systems and graffiti artists / Messenjah Sound (uk) / Vintage Teleport sound (ADM) spreading the sound of Jungle / hip hop/ dubstep /dub and electronica in the name of freedom for people.

DJ YKE: Chronic Sound Amsterdam representing for the ladies. She has been busy rolling out the jungle in Amsterdam since early 90’s, pirate radio station Patepoe / free parties and underground squat events in Europe.

DJ RETEQ: He is a part of ADM family of Junglist hot steppers. Free party / squat party tek step jungle sound.

During this Concrete Jungle event, Tung Torsdag will host a sound system stage at the Candy Factory cafe.

Tung Torsdag is a community of dedicated record collectors and DJs. They play an exclusive selection of the finest Jamaican music released before 1990, ranging from ska to digital roots.

At their regular events nights, the crew is hosting the party from behind the bar where they take turns playing records and serving beers.

Tung Torsdag is: Fuma Hi-Fi, Rallo Hi-Fi, Bionic Disco og Morten McCoy.


Free entrance before midnight. - 30 Dkk after midnight.
Cheap bar – Cash only (No Cards, No MobilePay, No ATM close by)

Racism, harassment, homo- or transphobia and hard drugs are not accepted.
Remember to take care of yourself and each other.

13th of April | 22:00 - 05:00
Bolsjefabrikken | Ragnhildgade 1 | 2100 Kbh Ø

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