Dub Across Borders meets Dubfabrikken

Dub Across Borders meets Dubfabrikken

lør d. 31. mar 21:00 - søn d. 1. apr 03:00

BolsjeFabrikken, Ragnhildgade 1 bygning 3, 2100, København N.

Skrevet af Bolsjefabrikken

Dub Across Borders has been a hit on the german dub scene, but the guy behind is actually danish! So for a looooong time we been wishing for a chance to invite him to do a live mixing set - and NOW is the time!
Dub Across Borders will be supported by the Dubfabrikken family: Most High Warriors selecting reggae vinyls from the 1970's to year 3000 & Doktor Lond live on his dub mixing deck.


Entrance is donation based - no ID needed
We run from 21 - make shure to come early to experience the full journey!
No hard drugs, no sexism or racism

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