Demonstration: Close Kærshovedgård, Open Our Cases!

Demonstration: Close Kærshovedgård, Open Our Cases!

fre d. 26. jan 15:30 - 16:30

Palæstinas Plads (Aka Israels Plads), København

Skrevet af AGYE

Activists living in deportation camp Kærshovedgård invite you to a demonstration in front of Danish Immigration Service (Udlændingestyrelsen) with the demands to close the camp and reopen our cases. The demonstration will have speaches from activists living in Kærshovedgård and music. Further program will be announced.

About Kærshovedgård:
The former prison Kærshovedgård, located in a forest 11 km outside Ikast in Jutland, was opened as a deportation camp March 22 2016. It is designed as a removal centre, with the intention of being the last stop before deportation. Only four people have however been deported since the opening of the camp. The rest are detained without a time limit. Kærshovedgård currently houses 128 rejected asylum seekers, 15 people on tolerated stay and 46 people convicted to deportation. More than half of the people cannot be deported and the rest will not leave voluntarily because they fear for their life if they return. Everyone convicted have already served their time in prison, and are now, together with people who have never committed a crime, facing indefinite detention. They have been placed as the result of an administrative order from the Danish immigration office, and have thus not been put in front of a judge with subsequent legal aid.