TalkWerket#2 - 'Winter Survival'

TalkWerket#2 - 'Winter Survival'

tor d. 14. dec 18:30 - 21:30

Kraftwerket, Valgårdsvej 2, 2500, Valby

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The next TalkWerket is going to be a bit of a roller coaster. There will be some serious moments, but lighter ones as well.

We're looking forward to having the following speakers:

- Daniel Majholm, a dedicated volunteer from Depressionsforeningen, a non-profit orgniasation to increase knowledge on Depression

- Michala Nielsen and Josephine Schmidt Skytte from Ventilen Danmark, a non-profit organisation that deals with youth and loneliness in Denmark

- Lars AP, founder of Fucking Flink, a movement trying to increase friendliness in Denmark

We will start out hearing from Daniel, who will talk about his personal experience with DEPRESSION, what it was like, how he got through it, and also share with us how Depressionsforegningen can help.

We will then hear from Sebastian who will tell us about LONELINESS among youth in Denmark, why people are feeling this way, how to help these people, and about some of the work that Ventilen is doing to deal with this issue.

Then to brighten up the mood a bit we will have Lars talk about the aim of Fucking Flink. Focusing on how the 'happiest' country in the world may not be the 'friendliest' country. And how having people become more FRIENDLY in Denmark could maybe help dealing with these issues of despression and loneliness, in a sense having this talk winding its way back to our first talks.

There is even RUMOUR that we may have someone come and speak about food, herbs, vitamins and other things that can improve our mood and help fight/prevent depression and negative emotions.
So watch out for this space!

We hope to see you for these, sure to be interesting, educational, perhaps emotional and valuable talks at our second TalkWerket!

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