lør d. 9. dec 15:00 - søn d. 10. dec 03:00

Flydende By, Vasbygade 20, 2450, København

Skrevet af PirateChristoph

A band of pirates have taken over Santa's workshop! They've set the elves free (who ran off, screaming), they're singing sea-shanties instead of Christmas carols, and they've poured five bottles of rum into the communal eggnog!

Come by the Floating City warehouse on the 9th of December to take part in the Yo-Ho-Holdays - if you dare. From 3pm-8pm, you can wander through our recycled Christmas village, which looks more like a cross between a twisted carnival and a harbour market than anything you'd usually see in December. At 9pm, a gang of fire-jugglers are going to dance and spit flames until all of the snow has melted, which will signify the beginning of a wild DJ set that will carry on until 3am.


Our program will look like this:

3pm-8pm, Pirate Market
Get lost in our warehouse as you wander around the Pirate Market, a collection of indoor stalls where you can exchange a couple of doubloons to eat risalamande and drink glogg until you're ready to sleep until Christmas, where you can purchase second-hand clothing that will keep you warm and looking great throughout the season, where you can try your hand at festive games to win prizes, where you can get a tarot card reading to see what the future will bring, where you can get your hands on beautiful pieces of artwork from around the world to give to your 'good' friends and lumps of coal to give to your 'bad' friends this year, and so much more.

To say goodbye to 2017, you can help us decorate our X-Mas tree with little notes listing the things you hope to leave behind this year, in order to open up new opportunities for 2018. This art piece will be complete as a part of a group-effort and we'll encourage all participants to take part in the decoration of the tree, so look out for a table full of papers and pens next to our x-mas tree.

3pm-5pm, Escape Room: Captain's Cabin
We challenge you to an escape-the-room game, where you and your friends will be challenged to solve puzzles and put together clues in order to get out of the Captain's Cabin alive! For more information on the escape room, feel free to visit Flydende By Escape Rooms.

We'll be closing down many of our market stalls in order to make room for dancing, especially for our fire-dancers who will spin and spit enough heat to make you forget what season it is. At this point in the night, we're going to give the pirates what they want: a wild party where rum will be flowing from our bar, Santa will be forced to walk the plank, and a team of DJs will play tech, deep house, D&B and neurofunk so loud it will scare the reindeer off the roof. Get ready for a wild night!

Jonas Karma
Groove Providers
Alexander Helli


For those who want to join the fun, the entry is donation-based and anyone who chooses to contribute will be given a free, recycled X-Mas present (but be prepared: anyone who has been REALLY bad this year will be given coal - which you can cash in for a bottle of rum!).


Cheap beer, eggnog and glogg!
No hard drugs.

Here is a map of the location:

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