TalkWerket - 'The Power of Sharing'

TalkWerket - 'The Power of Sharing'

tor d. 16. nov 18:45 - 21:30

Kraftwerket, Valgårdsvej 2, 2500, Valby

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Kraftwerket is starting a new event called TalkWerket, where speakers come and share their knowledge, work or ideas with others. This gives you the opportunity to learn about new concepts, ideas, initiatives, projects etc. going on here in Copenhagen or out there globally, it also gives you the opportunity to question, critique and maybe even join those who are coming to speak.

As the concept around this new event is about having speakers come and share their knowledge, ideas, work etc., we've decided that it would be very interesting and fitting to have the first event focused on 'The Power of Sharing' - discussing Sharing in relation to Knowledge, Resources and Ideas.

We are excited to have the following speakers come for this first event..

Christian Ingemann – Who will talk about 'Sharing' by touching on topics such as the digital economy, the sharing economy, open-source data sharing and more.

- Christian is one of Denmark leading experts on the Digital Economy and the Sharing Economy. Co-founder of SOLOBETA, &

Anja Müller – Who will be talking about, the importance of sharing knowledge and working together and more.

- Anja is one of the founders and main moderators of Think .dk is a new project defined as a 'Center for Acceleration of Change' also described as a a co-creativity community, think tank and event platform that supports sustainability, sharing and collaboration.

Peter Just – Who will talk about Sharing.Lab, how sharing can connect us, help the environment and increase our happiness. He will also speak about how sharing might be a part of future urban communities and more.

- Peter is the founder of Sharing.Lab, OurHub and is involved in much more. Sharing.Lab is a non-profit organisation that researches and experiments with 'how sharing can empower urban communities'.

entrance: FREE

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