Bicycle Repair Workshop

Bicycle Repair Workshop

Thu 12. Oct 16:00 - 18:00

Flydende By, Vasbygade 20, 2450, København

Posted by Maeve

On Thursday the 12th of October, we're going to be hosting a Bicycle Repair Workshop at Flydende By UpCycles. We'll give you an introduction to how bikes work (naming the major bike parts and what they do) as well as teach you the basics of bike repair (how to patch a tube, calculate your perfect saddle height, replace a chain, adjust your bicycle's rear derailleur and gears, etc.) and give you an introduction to using basic tools (tyre levers, pumps, allen keys, spanners, etc).

To put theory into practice, during the second half of our workshop we'll invite you to bring your own bicycle into the warehouse to diagnose problems and we'll encourage you to do some basic maintenance and repairs. We also have plenty of second-hand bikes to experiment on if you're traveling here without a bike. :)

This workshop is free and of course everyone is invited! Donations are welcome, but not mandatory. Our goal is to encourage the public to keep on cycling and to give you the power to fix your bike yourself when problems arise.

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