Hexer (GER), Jupiterian (BRA), Konvent (DK)

Hexer (GER), Jupiterian (BRA), Konvent (DK)

lør d. 30. sep 23:00 - søn d. 1. okt 05:00

Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61, 2400, København NV.

Skrevet af malikcamlica

Price: 60kr

JUPITERIAN (BRA/Transcending Obscurity Recs) - Ceremonial Death/Doom - After a midia acclaimed debut full lenght album, Aphotic making the Cvlt Nation's Top 8 Doom releases (2015) alongside doom icons such as Monolord, With the Dead and many others, Jupiterian toured europe for the first time in 2016 playing with Gnaw Their Tongues, Mourning Sun, Fading Bliss including Dutch Doom Days Festival in the same day as Sahg, Jess and the Ancient Ones, Tiwaz and many others.

Brazilian obscure doom metal titans offer an experience in darkness with dissonant tunes leading the audience to a complete hypnosis.


HEXER is a four-piece outfit from germany,
combining doom, black and stoner with oriental tunes, repetetive riffs,
drone and atmospheric soundscapes. Low tuned strings and heavy sub-bass provided by
an analog synth create a meditative yet ominous atmosphere. After recording a live EP in late 2015,
Hexer played nearly 30 shows all over Germany along Bands like Cult of Occult, Ultha, Incarceration,
Solbrud and released their full lenght debut "Cosmic Doom Ritual" in April 2017. Joining forces with Jupiterian
from Brazil, Hexer will hold live rituals in several cities, performing the concept album "Cosmic Doom Ritual" and
another piece, starting a new chapter on their journey through blackness and cosmos.
Live performances are loud and dark rituals, covering the audience in sub-bass,incense and black light,
the artists fully painted in shamanic body paint.


KONVENT plays doommetal of death. Slowly but insistent, they send resounding bassriffs and a deadly vocal deep into your mind. You will definetely feel the love of heavy and simple oldschool doom.
In the presence of Konvent, you don’t wait for the storm to pass, you learn to commit to the universe you didn’t know existed. There’s no more left, except for your doomsday awaiting.



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