DEAD (aus) MoE (no)

DEAD (aus)  MoE (no)

tir d. 19. sep 20:00 - ons d. 20. sep 02:00

Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61, 2400, København NV.

Skrevet af Ungdomshuset

Price: 40 kr

Two DIY Noise rock innovators, one show.

DEAD and MoE are two bands with a relentless work ethic; touring internationally and releasing music as if their lives depended on it.

Most bands seem determined to fit into someone else’s mould, DEAD and MoE have created their own scene. With a cult following their effects are felt across the world.

After touring Australia in 2016 they’ve put together a traveling show that is more than two bands sharing a stage together; it is a collaboration crafted over more than a years work.

Heavy, unhinged and relentless.
Be there or be dead.

Dead -

MoE -

If anyone wants to help out with bar shifts, cooking, door etc please shout out and you'll get free entry, dinner, drinks and good feels for supporting awesome DIY music!!!!

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