Kapow Friday Bar - Newbie Edition!

Kapow Friday Bar - Newbie Edition!

fre d. 15. sep 18:00 - lør d. 16. sep 02:00

BolsjeFabrikken, Ragnhildgade 1 bygning 3, 2100, København N.

Skrevet af Kapow Collective

Kapow is throwing its first friday bar of the season welcoming everyone from oldies to people curious about the collective to random hang-ons to stop by!

We can't wait to see u! ♥


AGENDA (info below):
18-19: Info meeting about the collective for newbies
19-late: Friday bar! Drinks, music and cozy fun ♥
Late-morning: Sleepover!
10 ( next day): Future Brunch (damdamdammmm!)


Thinking about joining Kapow or just want to know a lil bit about who we are?

We love new people joining our group ♥ Therefore the first hour of this friday bar consists of a info meeting where current Kapowies will be present to tell u all about the collective, our space at Bolsjefabrikken and how u can get involved in all the groovy queerfeminist action we've got going on :))) The meeting is totally casual and non-commital. This is the time to pop in, if u've been too shy, busy or confused to join our regular meetings!

After the meeting, we'll fire up the drinks and beers (w/wo alcohol). We'll provide a cheap self service bar with all u need, bring cash or mobile pay! We'll be spinning tunes from our CDJs so feel free to bring a USB with som songs if u want to try DJ'ing!


When we've been soaking up the drinks all night, some of us will crash in the room for a sleepover. Bring a sleeping bag and a mat if u want to join.

Next morning we'll have a Kapow brunch and discuss future projects + talk about how to succesfully run a collective of volunteers. Topics like ideasharing, dreams for the collective, how not to burn out, how to share info and knowledge and how to be accesibel to new people will be talking points. Everyone who is- or wants to be part of Kapow is welcome to join!


// This is a part of our string of events, focusing on super lowkey and gentle get-togethers for Kapowies and friends with an interest in queerfeminism and activism. Come recharge your energy and meet fellow queers ♥ //


> How to get in!
We're located on the 1st floor at Bolsjefabrikken. U need a key to enter. If u need someone to let u in, call 60610224!

> Separatist policy!
This friday bar welcomes everyone, but Kapow as a group consists of women and gender minorities. Therefore the info meeting and brunch addresses women and gender minorities exclusively.

> No tolerance for discrimination of any kind!
We want to create a nice and safe place for queers to chill out. If u do not show good behaviour u will be kindly asked to leave :>

> About Kapow
Kapow Collective is an activist movement. We are a separatist space for women and gender minorities, who want to contribute to an environment that also works for empowering women. We don't allow macho behaviour, because we feel it is important to promote femininity. If you are a cis-male (or don’t feel like you fall into any of these categorisations) and you want to contribute, ask us if you can help out and you are welcome at our Kapow plus friends events.

In Kapow Collective we build and occupy space to educate each other and break down society's repression mechanisms with a focus on gender issues. We mix music, art, activism and creativity in a hardcore medley. Kapow is a strange revolution that breaks down gender norms and the status quo! We are a platform, a forum and a network that is based in the Candy Factory.

If you need people to bring an idea to life, post about it on the wall on the Kapow page: Kapow Collective or in our group Kapow Collective.

We have bi-weekly meetings every Monday at 7 pm at the Candy Factory at Ragnhildgade. Come around, say hi!

Everybody can KaPow - everybody is KaPow. KaPow Collective is the beginning of the end of the cisheteropatriarchal world order.

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