No Nazis in Gothenburg

No Nazis in Gothenburg

Sat 30. Sep 10:00 - 18:00

Göteborg, Göteborg

Posted by Göteborgs antifascistiska front


On 30 september the Nazis in Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen (Nordic Resistance Movement) are planning to march through Gothenburg. This is an exceptional event. The attempts to arrange open Nazi demonstrations in Gothenburg are few and far between. This can undoubtly be understood in connection with the culture and media establishments shameless accomodation of the nazis in Nya Tider at the Gothenburg Bookfair, that will happen at the same time as the demonstration NMR is planning to hold.

NMR is the most violent Nazi organisation in Sweden. In the past year members of NMR have bombed a number of refugee homes and a left wing bookstore in Gothenburg. A year ago the Finnish branch of NMR murdered Jimi Karttunen in Helsinki.

The organized, open presence of NMR in Gothenburg is unacceptable. We call all democratic, antifascist forces to Gothenburg to protest against Nazism 30 september.

Everyone to Gothenburg,
No pasarán.

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