Pirate Radio CPH: Anniversary Festival

Pirate Radio CPH: Anniversary Festival

fre d. 25. aug 17:00 - lør d. 26. aug 05:00

Flydende By, Vasbygade 20, 2450, København

Skrevet af PirateChristoph

Flydende By is inviting you and your friends to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Pirate Radio CPH: live sessions with us on August 19th! As a huge thank you to all our supporters and followers and as a welcome to all the people re-discovering our place, we’ve created a mad roller coaster experience.

Come and enjoy fresh vegan food from our Grease-Fire Burgerbike and relax outside while learning more about Copenhagen’s activist scene. Lend your ear to local talents, be in awe of circus tricksters taking over the warehouse space, sit down and watch short movies as part of the Copenhagen Underground Film Festival and dance deep into the night to live music and DJs.
Approx. ETA (more TBA)
5 PM - Post-Pride Parade chill-out: let’s eat vegan food until we shit ourselves and follow presentations about feminist/anti-capitalist projects until we kick off the revolution!
- Byens Radio presenting their upcoming local radio project.
- Revolutionary Tommy Mørck, aka Bakûr Berxwedan, talking about the ongoing humanistic revolution in northern Syria/Rojava, his motivation for joining the revolution and political activism.
- Harry Wildflower, aka Nikolai, will be giving a slideshow presentation and talk on three community based projects that manifested in the cracks of the System - "Mutate Or Die: Adventures Beyond Capitalism"
more TBA

7 PM - Indoor concerts until sundown.
- EGA Legionnaire (The music we make travels from garage pop to experimental punk via improbable stopovers in silly antics, angry political satire, and an occasional bared soul)
- Human Growth Harmony

9 PM - As it becomes night sit back for a round of films from the Copenhagen Underground Film Festival. Thousands of filmmakers have handed in their works from all over the world for us to view!

11:30 PM - The stage is open for local talents and the not-so-talented to perform and start jam sessions! (And the warehouse is finally being burnt down by fire jugglers and circus artists from AFUK...)

1:30/2 AM - A variety of DJ sets will round-off the evening starting with chill dancable tunes ending in excessive electronic madness that is literally so hard that J.K Simmons' character in the Oscar-nominated hit film "Whiplash" begins to shed actual tears.
- DJ DEBORAH (technohouse/techno)
- DJ Helli (drum'n bass)
more TBA

X AM - Are we even fucking still alive? Mom???

Tell your friends, invite your grandparents, quit your job - just fucking show up!
If you want to contact us, write us here, on our facebook page Flydende By or via PirateRadioCPH@gmail.com

We value respect, trust, honest communication and an atmosphere of cooperation. As part of our safe-space policy we oppose any form of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, or economic status. We also actively oppose capitalism, nationalism, patriarchy, xenophobia, white supremacy, State violence or any form of coercive government.
If you experience harassment, abuse, assault, or any other kind of violation during our events, or if someone who has engaged in such behavior is adversely affecting your participation at the event, or for any other reason you need support, please come find a collective member.

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