AFLYST / CANCELED VivreSaVie (queercore, Punk, Hardcore)

AFLYST / CANCELED  VivreSaVie (queercore, Punk, Hardcore)

tir d. 18. jul 19:00 - ons d. 19. jul 00:15

Bumzen, Baldersgade 20-22, 2200, København N.

Skrevet af Mads Leonard Jensen

Price: 50 kr. (or Donations if you cannot afford this)


Dasein Records & Bookings Proudly Presents:

Vivre Sa Vie (SWE) - Hardcore/Screamo/Queercore

Vivre Sa Vie plays fastpaced hardcore/screamo with grindy undertones that will be sure to blast you off your feet. Their lyrical universe consists of the inner struggle of self-identification aswell as a critique of the rigid sociteal norms that alienates any form of diversity - often directly associated with transsexuality.

"I've got nothing
left from the war
I stand infront of the mirror
She stares me right in the eyes"

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