Non Binary Finery SUPPORT PARTY

Non Binary Finery SUPPORT PARTY

fre d. 10. dec 20:00 - lør d. 11. dec 02:00

BumZen, Baldersgade 20-22, 2200, København N.

Skrevet af BumZen

come join us for a wet hot night of cheap drinks, fiery dance moves and killer dj’s, while we fundraise for gender affirming surgery for a qtbipoc comrade ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

donation based entry
20-100 kr

suggested dress code: neon and black, gender abolitionist fantasy

corona pass required 🦠

dj sirenx
dj xx.ed
dj sinfohme
dj suzie the cockroach

the event centers trans and non binary people, but is open for all aligned with bumzen’s politics:
- no racism
- no sexism
- no classism
- no femmephobia
- no queerphobia
- no transphobia
- no xenophobia
- no islamophobia
- no fatphobia
- no hard drugs
- no ableism*
*bumzen is yet to become wheelchair accessible, but we are working towards this goal!

if someone is making you/someone else uncomfortable or a distressing situation is taking place, DON’T call the police! instead, reach out to those around you or the security team.

bumzen is a community space and none of the activists get paid. please help us hold this space together, take a bar shift or help clean afterwards! 💚💚

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