Walkout protests at Danish deportation camps & Banner drop

Walkout protests at Danish deportation camps & Banner drop

man d. 29. nov 14:00 - 16:00

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On Monday, 29 November, people living in Avnstrup, Kærshovedgård and Sjælsmark deportation centers will walk out of the camps to protest, with the following demands:

• Close the deportation camps – allow all refugees and asylum seekers the right to housing, education and work.
• Stop the systemic criminalization and disenfranchisement of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
• Hold the Danish state and politicians accountable for violations in the deportation camps.
• Hold the Danish Red Cross and Kriminalforsorgen, who are in charge of these deportation camps, accountable.
• Put an end to the police brutality used during forced deportations.

We aim to support the protesters and show solidarity by making and dropping banners from our windows on the day of the protest. We will also share photos and videos of the protests and banners here to send spiritual support to their struggle – so please share and send us shots of your banners.

If you already have a banner, get it ready! Otherwise, we are organizing a collective banner workshop at Folkets Hus on Saturday the 27th.

--- What’s happening in the deportation camps? ---

The Danish government has been wilfully subjecting refugees and ‘rejected’ asylum seekers to inhuman conditions in its deportation camps where they must face daily intolerable treatment, deprived of their most elementary rights.

In the last 3 months, the abuse of the camp system by the Danish authorities has been vividly demonstrated in the cases of more than 180 Syrian refugees who have been stripped of their residencies and rights to be forced into deportation camps. They have lost their rights to work and study, and have been taken away from their communities, homes and families.

Unable to continue the lives they have rebuilt in Denmark, yet unable to return to Syria, these refugees have now joined the hundreds of others who are trapped in Denmark’s broken and wilfully cruel system of deportation camps.

People trapped in the deportation camps have decided to walk out of all three camps on the same day to condemn the Danish government for the cruelty it is subjecting them to. This is the first simultaneous protest action co-organized across the three deportation camps to call for an end to this inhuman system.

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