Cut it down

Cut it down

Mon 1. Nov 17:00 - Tue 16. Nov 17:00

Hele landet

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Comrades, Friends, and Neighbors,

Are you sick and tired of the election-posters? Forcing their faces into our daily lives with little substance while polluting the aesthetics of our Neighborhoods? Well, so are we!

Therefore, we're starting a "Clean your neighborhood" game! We invite everyone to help us cut down election posters!

1 point for those that are easily reachable
2 points for the ones that need a ladder
Extra points for using the posters for something creative!

Some ideas for what to do with the posters beside leaving them on the ground.
* Leave them on the roads / cycle paths so people can drive over them
* Use them as building materials
* Make them into a house of cards to symbolize the danish political system.

Let us know on how many your team got down and what you did with them. We will find a winner, and your Affinity Group will get eternal bragging rights.

PS: As always watch out for the cops