Diá de los muertos - Support party for the zapatistas with Trypical Cumbia.

Diá de los muertos - Support party for the zapatistas with Trypical Cumbia.

Thu 4. Nov 19:30 - 22:30

Union KBH, Nørre Allé 7, 2200, København N

Posted by laliberté

Support party for the zapatistas with Trypical Cumbia.
Every year at the beginning of November, the Mexicans celebrate life and death on the Día de los muertos - the Day of the Dead.
We would like to invite you to a joyful evening of party and remembrance. Trypical Cumbia will give a special Day of the Dead-concert that is sure to make your feet move.
Aula at Union will be decorated in the traditional way with flowers, papel picado and of course an altar to conmemorate the dead. You are welcome to leave items at the altar to conmemorate your loved ones, as it is tradition in Mexico.
The bar will serve beer, margaritas and micheladas.
After the concert, a local DJ will keep the dancefloor alive in celebration of death.
All proceedings from the support party will go to the zapatistas visit to Europe this fall - The Journey for Life.

Trypical Cumbia
Trypical Cumbia is one of the most popular live Latin band in Scandinavia. The band, which includes 5 band members from Latin America and Denmark, deliver an unforgettable live show with an energy release that has made the band extremely sought after.
It is a tradition that Trypical Cumbia play a special tribute concert to death and life in connection with the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead.

The Journey for Life
Since June, delegations of the Mexican liberation movement EZLN have toured Europe as part of The Journey for Life. The large delegation (comprising a 180 people, and made up mostly of women) are travelling through Europe to express that the indigenous communities of Mexico were never defeated. Through this journey, the Zapatista delegations intend to weave and reinforce links and alliances, to share commitments and energies to the defense of life, political autonomy, and the fight against all forms of oppression.